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anti-aging-dentistry anti-aging-dentistry

Anti-Aging Dentistry

One of the leading indicators for advanced age is our teeth. As teeth yellow, wear down, crack and lose their shape, we lose our youthful and spirited smiles. Dr. Pat Jaeckle understands the implications aging has on our smiles.


Through the utilization of beautiful, natural porcelain crowns, teeth whitening and dental implants, crooked, worn down and discolored teeth can recapture the vibrance of their youth.

anti-aging dentistry

Without surgery or injections, learn how your face can be transformed!

Our office caters to anti-aging dentistry. We can help you turn back the clock and help you achieve a youthful smile without radical, painful surgery. When we restore the proper form and function of your teeth, we often restore the collapsed look that many people experience from significantly worn or missing teeth. In doing so, we can reduce wrinkles, restore proper lost symmetry of the face and widen a narrowed jaw.

Bee Cave Cosmetic Dentist

We can help design the perfect smile for you. Everyone is an individual and proper esthetics involves matching the proper shape and form of the teeth with that of the overall structure of the face.

Our patients typically tell us that the benefits of anti-aging dentistry carry over into all aspects of their lives from increased self-confidence to a renewed vitality. And most importantly, the desire to fill every moment with a beautiful smile.

We welcome our out of town guests. For those who found our services more affordable than similar services in larger markets or the West Coast, you can conveniently stay at the Sonesta Hotel located just around the corner from our practice.