November Fun In Austin

jaecklecommunityDo you feel that chill and breeze outside? We do, too! It’s glorious – we think it’s finally time to say that the colder days are upon us. Austin is always upbeat throughout the summers because it’s a city of live music, and what better venues than the ones outside? So what is there to do in Austin once the cold sets in – we’re here to share with you some great events that you can enjoy this weekend! (more…)

Are You Looking For Migraine Relief?

jaeckleheadacheIf you suffer from chronic migraines, there’s no doubt in our minds that you want some relief! Diagnosing the cause of migraines can be extremely difficult, but oftentimes your mouth and jaw can be the underlying reason your head hurts. The majority of headaches are actually caused by muscle tension – most of this tension comes from your bite. If you find yourself subconsciously clenching your jaw or grinding your teeth, your headache may be dental-related. There are many different treatments to alleviate your pain, are you looking for migraine relief? (more…)

How Can Dental Implants Help You?

jaeckleimplantsDental Implants are a great means to restore lost teeth and damaged teeth. If you lost your teeth to gum disease or decay, you may be struggling to chew (or even speak depending on which teeth you lost). Dental Implants serve as a permanent anchor for crowns and bridges to replace these teeth. In addition, they have several benefits – starting with helping you to chew and talk. Losing a tooth or several teeth directly impacts every tooth surrounding it, which can lead to a multitude of issues if left untouched. How can dental implants help you? (more…)

Quiz: Can You Get Invisalign?

jaeckleinvisalignInvisalign is a great alternative orthodontic treatment as opposed to metal braces. However, there are certain guidelines you have to fall under in order to qualify for Invisalign. For example, children cannot use Invisalign as an alternative to braces because their bones aren’t fully developed yet. Invisalign will only work once your bones are fully developed and as long as your mouth doesn’t require extensive orthodontic work (expanders, bite adjustments, etc.). Can you get Invisalign? (more…)

Looking For Some Fall Fun In Austin?

jaecklecommunityThere’s never a shortage of fun things to do in Austin, but now that’s (finally) fall, the weather is so nice it’s hard to stay inside! Us “Austinites” know that we never get this kind of weather, but with all of the rain lately – we can’t complain! We’ve got happy grass and a nice breeze, what are you waiting for? Looking for some fall fun in Austin?


Do You Qualify For Dental Implants?

jaecklequizimplantsQualifying for dental implants can be easy if you have healthy gums and teeth. Dental implants fuse directly with your jawbone – so you’ll need adequate bone support. If you practice good oral hygiene, chances are you’re a likely candidate for dental implants and you shouldn’t have problems with them. However, if you clench your teeth or grind your teeth at night, you may experience implant failure. There are several factors that decide whether or not you will have a successful procedure – do you qualify for dental implants?


How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

jaeckleteethwhiteningDo you suffer from stained teeth and want to whiten your teeth a bit? You can try to use whitening toothpaste – although this takes about 4-6 weeks to work and will not actually remove stains below your enamel. Professional whitening will bleach your tooth enamel and physically change the natural color of your teeth to present a whiter and brighter smile. There are two different types of professional whitening; in-office bleaching and a bleaching kit that your dentist will give you to do it yourself. But, how does professional teeth whitening work?


How Does Invisalign Work?

jaeckleinvisalignInvisalign is an alternative treatment to braces as they are used to move your teeth for cosmetic purposes and to correct other bite issues you may have. Invisalign is more cosmetically appealing than braces, as it uses trays that are made out of thermoplastic material that are made to be invisible (hence the name). These trays are then custom molded to fit your mouth giving off an appearance similar to teeth whitening trays or transparent retainers. This gives patients a more confident attitude while undergoing treatment to straighten their teeth – but, how does Invisalign work?