Dentist Education in West Austin TX

In addition to dedicated himself to providing compassionate, friendly dental care and comprehensive services, Dr. Jaeckle believes in outfitting his practice with advanced dental technology. By remaining updated on the latest and most efficient systems, your dentist ensures you receive the top quality care you deserve through the use of state-of-the art equipment and precise, comfortable procedures.

What Is Dental Technology?

Dental technology is the use of advanced systems and tools, which improve the efficiency and quality of the dental services and treatment we provide our patients. While technology is ever-evolving in the dental industry, Dr. Jaeckle focuses on utilizing tried-and-true technology that consistently offers superior results. Consider the following ways in which dental technology benefits you during a visit:

  • Ergonomic chairs mean comfortable visits
  • Advanced tools make for comfortable, efficient checkups, cleanings, and procedures
  • Technologically advanced systems allow for streamlined scheduling and communication with our patients
  • Advanced imaging provides enhanced education for patients, and improved doctor-patient communication
  • Technology allows your dentist to take accurate measurements that may be nearly impossible to determine with the naked eye

Which Types of Dental Technology Do You Offer?

Dr. Jaeckle has chosen particular tools and systems that complement his offered services, so you receive the best care. Look over the following examples of the advanced dental technology we use at our practice for a clearer understanding of what you can expect at Patrick M. Jaeckle, DDS:

  • Ultrasonic Scaling: This process includes the use of a vibrating tool to remove plaque from your teeth during your dental cleaning visit. The handheld wand includes a head cooled by water, so your experience is comfortable and relaxing.
  • DIAGNOdent: This is handheld laser that Dr. Jaeckle will hold over a single tooth. The tool relies on comfortable light wavelengths that illuminate potential problems he cannot see with other forms of technology, such as X-rays. For example, your dentist may be able to detect cavities in their earliest stage of formation, so he can prevent further progression.
  • Intraoral Cameras: These tiny digital cameras sit on the end of a small wand that fits comfortable in your mouth. Dr. Jaeckle or a member of our team can snap quick, high-resolution images that we can instantly display on a screen. This makes explaining what we see on the inside of your mouth much more effective.
  • T-Scan: This is a handheld bite scanner, the end of which fits comfortably in your mouth. This digital sensor allows us to assess problems with your occlusion, or the way your teeth fit together. The diagnosis is particularly helpful for TMJ/TMD issues, so Dr. Jaeckle can work toward improving your bite for daily comfort.

Am I A Good Candidate?

Every one of our patients makes a wonderful candidate for advanced dental technology. If you visit us for a routine checkup and cleaning, cosmetic services, restorative services, or even TMJ/TMD concerns, our tools and systems will ensure you thoroughly understand our plans for treatment, offer precise diagnoses, allow us to closely monitor any changes in your mouth over time for continued oral health, and may assist us in detecting treatable conditions before they progress.