How To Avoid A Root Canal

Often times, patients associate the words “root canal” with an extremely painful procedure, mostly due to the fact that the procedure used to be performed without anesthesia when it wasn’t around. However, it’s important to remember that we have medicine to help us remain comfortable throughout dental procedures,  so don’t worry too much if your dentist starts talking lengthy, painful procedures (such as this) with you. There are several things you can do to avoid a root canal, but first it’s important to understand what the procedure itself treats, so you can know what dental problem you’re looking for!

Why Would I Need A Root Canal?

A root canal becomes necessary when a patient’s tooth is severely infected. In other words, this could also be a severe cavity or extreme tooth decay. In order to stop the infection from destroying your tooth (and the rest of your oral health) your dentist may recommend a root canal, which can actually save your tooth.

Your dentist will extract bacteria from your tooth and clean it out completely (all the way down to your root) to make sure they’re not trapping any debris in there. When your dentist removes the pulp and nerve of your tooth, it is essentially dead. However, they use a filling material instead to replace what’s been removed. This way, your tooth roots are still intact with your jawbone and you won’t have to worry about losing any bone density in your jaw.

Avoiding The Infection All Together

There are several ways you can protect your teeth; by making sure you’re practicing excellent oral hygiene, visiting your dentist as often as they recommend, taking action at the first sign of any symptoms, and by maintaining a healthy diet. However, this is not one simple tasks, these are multiple habits that can take weeks to form. So, if you notice any signs or symptoms of an infection in your tooth or gum tissue, visit your dentist as soon as you can. The earlier your dentist is able to begin treatment, the easier and less-invasive it can be.


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