Lake Travis Dentist

Meet Dr. Jaeckle

A native Texan raised in San Antonio, Dr. Jaeckle stayed true to his roots, graduating from the University of Texas with a BA. He went on to earn an MBA from Columbia University in New York, an MABS from Asbury Theological Seminary in Kentucky, and made his way back to his home state, completing his DDS from Baylor College of Dentistry.

Immediately after graduating from dental school, Dr. Jaeckle completed a two-year internship under James Avann. Dr. Avann is recognized as one of the foremost prosthodontists in Dallas, TX. Once he completed his internship, Dr. Jaeckle began his own private practice in Fort Worth. While practicing his passion, Dr. Jaeckle transitioned his practice to another love of his life: Austin, TX. In November of 2012, he acquired Dr. Tim Tischler’s practice, fulfilling his lifelong dream of living and practicing in what he considers the greatest city in the world. You will be hard pressed to find another cosmetic dentist as passionate and appreciative of where he comes from, what he does for a living, and his community.

Active in the dental field, and always up-to-date on its ever-evolving world, Dr. Jaeckle holds a membership in the following:

  • American Academy of Cosmetic Dentists
  • American Dental Association
  • Texas Dental Association
  • Capital Area Dental Society

Dr. Jaeckle takes a personalized approach, ensuring each patient receives a customized care plan and one-on-one attention, and education. In addition to his dedication for dentistry, he spends his time away from the office with his beautiful family. Dr. Jaeckle spends as much time as he can with this family, who consistently inspires him, including Pam, his wife of 26 years; his daughter, Sara, a senior at the University of Texas; his daughter, Laura, a sophomore at Texas A&M; and his son, Patrick, a junior at Lake Travis High School. He is also dedicated to his lifelong commitment to Biblical studies, including time spent writing in the field of Biblical exegesis. In 2009, Dr. Jaeckle was inducted into the International Society of Theta Phi, an honor society for scholars in the field of religion. In your search to find a cosmetic dentist, you will appreciate that Dr. Jaeckle looks forward to meeting all of his patients. He encourages you to call at your earliest convenience so he can begin a long-term relationship with you for relaxing visits and continued oral health. Contact either of our convenient locations here