West Austin TX Sedation Dentistry

If you experience feelings of anxiety during dental procedures – or if the idea of even calling the dentist to set up an appointment makes you feel extremely nervous – sedation options may help. Your dentist, Dr. Jaeckle, and our team share a vision of offering our patients comfortable visits every time. We understand that each patient feels differently regarding trips to the dentist. However, we are here to make you comfortable, while offering relaxing visits, from checkups and cleanings to more advanced procedures. Speak with Dr. Jaeckle about your options, so your next trip to the dentist is an enjoyable one.

What Is Sedation?

Sedation in dentistry is an option offer to you by your dentist to take the edge off or greatly relax you during your dental visit or procedure. Dr. Jaeckle will discuss your level of anxiety with you to determine which type of sedative will work best for you. In addition, for extremely anxious patients, he may suggest sedation before your visit begins so you can enjoy a relaxing visit from start to finish. Rest assured, you will be awake during your visit and capable of responding to verbal cues, so you will know what is happening at all times.

What Types of Sedation Do You Offer?

Dr. Jaeckle and our team will determine which type of sedation you need based on your level of anxiety or hesitation. Look over the following types of sedation we offer at Patrick M. Jaeckle, DDS, for a clearer understanding of your options:

  • Nitrous Oxide: Nitrous oxide, also called “laughing gas,” is administered through a mask placed over your nose. As you inhale, the substance will relax you gently. This form of sedation often evokes feelings of euphoria.
  • Oral Sedation: Your dentist will administer a medicine belonging to a class of drugs called “sedatives” that have a calming effect on your nervous system. For an easy experience, he will provide you with a pill, rather than an IV. This is particularly helpful for patients who dislike needles. Oral sedation offers a deeper calming effect. You can expect a medicine such as Valium or Ativan.

Am I A Good Candidate for Sedation?

Do you experience anxiety during dental procedures? Do you feel nervous just thinking about the dentist? If you experience anxiety that prevents you from visiting the dentist or undergoing essential treatments, speak with Dr. Jaeckle and our team, so we can guide you toward a sedation solution that will promote a relaxing experience. We understand that you may feel embarrassed to discuss this issue. Keep in mind, we see patients with a diverse set of emotions and experiences, and encourage you to feel comfortable speaking with our team, so we can create an experience that fits your needs.