Bruxism Appliances in Bee Cave TX

If you find that you suffer from fatigue, trouble concentrating, or even pain on a daily basis, you may suffer from problems associated with your occlusion, or the way in which your teeth and jaws align. This may not sound like a problem, but if you tend to bite or clench your teeth at night – or if only certain teeth touch and absorb pressure that should be distributed throughout your entire mouth – you may suffer discomfort. Fortunately, Dr. Jaeckle offers therapy and appliances for these conditions to improve your daily and long-term comfort.

What Are Bruxism Appliances?

Bruxism appliances typically include soft night guards – or mouth guards worn while you sleep – to take pressure off of your teeth and jaws. Because bruxism is the grinding of your teeth while you sleep, treatment includes wearing an appliance that can gently cushion your teeth. In addition, the stress caused by bruxism may lead to jaw pain,TMJ/TMD problems, and even migraines. You may not show physical wear and tear of your teeth associated with bruxism, or may not know whether this is your problem. However, by preventively treating symptoms, such as jaw pain, with appliances, we may inhibit more severe side effects and conditions from developing.

What Are the Benefits?

Wearing a night appliance will cushion your teeth and may gently reposition your jaw for a more comfortable night’s sleep and an improvement in your long-term oral health. Consider the following benefits offered by bruxism appliances if you think this may improve your comfort:

  • Bruxism appliances prevent the wearing down of your tooth enamel, for long-lasting, healthy teeth
  • The appliance may prevent stress on your jaw joints, a problem that may eventually lead to more a more serious disorder and discomfort
  • If only few teeth touch, a bruxism appliance may prevent serious damage as a result of excessive pressure on particular teeth
  • You may enjoy an improved quality of life by reducing headaches and enjoying more energy as a result of a restful night’s sleep

Am I A Good Candidate?

You may or may not know whether you suffer from bruxism. However, if a loved one has told you that you grind your teeth during the day or night, you may make a wonderful candidate for a bruxism appliance. In addition, if you suffer from one or more of the following symptoms, speaking with Dr. Jaeckle about this treatment may benefit your life:

  • You experience a sore jaw
  • A dull, consistent headache causes you daily discomfort
  • Your teeth are beginning to look worn down
  • You regularly take a medication that may cause bruxism