Dental Bridges in West Austin TX

When you are missing one tooth or several teeth in a row, a bridge may complete your smile while offering you the restored function you desire. Missing even one tooth can greatly impact your daily quality of life. Eating comfortably and effectively, and speaking articulately, may become a chore. By speaking with Dr. Jaeckle about the ways a bridge may benefit your life, you can quickly enjoy the foods you love without feeling embarrassed conversing and smiling with friends and family.

What Is A Bridge?

A dental bridge is a prosthetic that we use to restore one or more missing teeth. Two anchor teeth support the device – one on either end. The open spaces between these teeth are filled in with porcelain teeth. Unlike partial dentures, which are removable, a bridge is a fixed prosthetic.

Dr. Jaeckle will take impressions of your teeth, which he will then send to a lab. A technician will create a bridge based on your mouth’s dimensions, while color matching the porcelain teeth to the rest of your smile. Your dentist will then cement the two porcelain teeth on either end over your natural teeth – also referred to as anchor teeth – for a secure, permanent fit.

What Are the Benefits of Bridges?

Missing one or several teeth can negatively affect your confidence. By choosing a bridge, you can enjoy a complete smile again, with full function and beauty. Look over the following benefits of a dental bridge to help you make your decision when replacing missing teeth:

  • Bridges are fixed, so they will not move or shift like partial dentures
  • You will not need to deal with adhesives or rely on natural suction, which is often associated with partial dentures
  • Bridges replace one or several teeth in a row at a much more budget-friendly cost than dental implants
  • Your quality of life will greatly improve – the stable replacement teeth will allow you to enjoy comfortable eating and speaking
  • You can smile confidently without worrying onlookers may notice your missing teeth
  • Because a bridge fills in missing teeth, it may prevent the misalignment that occurs when remaining natural teeth shift into empty spaces

Am I A Good Candidate?

If you are missing one tooth or two or more teeth in a row, you may make a wonderful candidate for bridges. However, you will need two natural anchor teeth, which supports the device. If you have several missing teeth spread out across your arch, you may make a better candidate for partial dentures or dental implants. Or, if you are missing all of your teeth, you may speak with Dr. Jaeckle about dentures or dental implants for a more appropriate restoration to your smile.