Dentures in West Austin TX

When you are missing all of your teeth, simple daily acts that most take for granted can become extremely frustrating, such as eating, speaking, and smiling. Fortunately, Dr. Jaeckle offers full dentures, so you can instantly improve your quality of life while showing off a smile you feel proud to share with those around you. Contact us right away for a consultation, so we can discuss your options and restore your oral function and beauty today.

What Are Dentures?

Dentures are prosthetic, removable devices that replace a full set of teeth, either for your top or bottom arch. They are composed of pink acrylic or resin “gums” and “teeth.” The devices rest over your gums, relying on natural suction for stability. Missing all of your teeth makes chewing, eating, speaking, and smiling a series of difficult tasks that you should be able to enjoy. By choosing dentures, you can efficiently replace your top and bottom teeth.

When you first visit our office, Dr. Jaeckle will take impressions of your top and bottom arches, which he will then send to a lab. At the lab, a skilled technician will create dentures that fit over your gums – with teeth that fit together comfortably – for a fully restored set of teeth.

What Are the Benefits of Dentures?

Dentures can dramatically improve your life if you are missing all of your top or bottom teeth, or both. Look over the following benefits of full dentures for a better understanding of just how significantly these prosthetic devices can improve your confidence and daily quality of life:

  • Dentures replace full arches of teeth, for improved chewing, eating, and speaking
  • You will be able to smile freely again, feeling proud while you experience joy, rather than embarrassed
  • You can enjoy improved nutritional intake as a result of chewing foods that are too difficult to consume without teeth
  • Dentures take years off of your appearance by restoring the structure of your face when your mouth is at rest
  • The cost of dentures is far more budget friendly than other options, such as full dental implants

Am I A Good Candidate?

Are you missing all of your teeth? Is so, you likely make a great candidate for dentures.  Dentures offer an instant return to the daily quality of life you deserve to enjoy. However, if you have remaining natural teeth, Dr. Jaeckle will discuss whether extractions are your best choice, or if another restorative prosthetic, such as a partial denture, better suits your unique circumstances. Whatever the case, our friendly team will strive to restore your smile to full beauty and function.