Partials in West Austin TX

Are you missing one tooth, multiple teeth in a row, or several teeth spread out across your top or bottom arch? If so, a partial may restore your smile by filling in missing teeth. You can expect a complete smile and greatly improved daily function. Living with missing teeth can damage your self-esteem and make experiences you used to enjoy – such as eating, and conversing with friends and loved ones – feel like a struggle. Visit us today at Patrick M. Jaeckle, DDS, to discuss whether partial dentures make a wonderful match for your smile restoration needs.

What Are Partials?

A partial, short for “partial denture,” is a prosthetic, removable device that replaces one tooth, multiple teeth in a row, or several missing teeth across your arch. The “gums” and “teeth” of this prosthetic are typically composed of acrylic or high-quality plastic resin. Partials include a metal clasp on either end that fit over anchor teeth for a secure fit. In addition, dental partials also rely on natural suction. You may find additional support with the use of adhesives formulated specifically for dentures.

Dr. Jaeckle will take impressions of your teeth if you decide on partials. He will send the impressions to a dental lab, where an experience technician will craft a partial denture according to the dimensions of your mouth. You will also enjoy color-matched teeth, so your smile looks uniform and natural.

What Are the Benefits of Partials?

Missing one or more teeth can cause you to feel less than confident and can significantly impact your quality of life. Choosing partials is often a quick, effective way of replacing missing teeth. Consider the variety of benefits partials offer if you are in the process of deciding which restorative service best fits your unique needs:

  • Partials are removable, for easy daily care
  • They replace a wide variety of missing teeth configurations, unlike bridges
  • Partials are much more cost-effective than other restorative services, such as dental implants
  • You may choose to replace your missing teeth temporarily with partials, without sacrificing your ability to choose a fixed prosthetic, such as a bridge or dental implant, in the future
  • Partials replace your teeth for improved eating and speaking
  • Partial dentures restore the appearance of your smile for an instant boost in confidence
  • Replacing your teeth prevents your remaining teeth from shifting into the empty space, which often results in misalignment

Am I A Good Candidate?

If you are missing one, multiple teeth in a row, or teeth scattered across your top or bottom arch, you may make an excellent candidate for dental partials. However, because partials rely on remaining natural teeth for support, you may require full dentures if you are missing all of your teeth.