Tooth Fillings in West Austin TX

At the offices of Dr. Jaeckle, we offer tooth-colored fillings, so no one but you will know you ever had a cavity. Unlike the days before white tooth fillings, when you had to rely on metal fillings, we are a metal-free practice. This means you will enjoy “white fillings” which we call tooth-colored fillings, for a beautiful, uniform smile that looks the same as it did when you arrived at our office for your visit.

What Is A Tooth Filling?

When you have a cavity as a result of tooth decay, we treat the problem with a tooth filling. This treatment includes removing tooth decay and surrounding affected tooth tissue. To accomplish this portion of the filling, Dr. Jaeckle will create a slightly larger hole into your tooth, for a clean opening free of bacteria. He will then pack the hole with a material called “composite.” Composed of synthetic resin, this material is color-customizable, which is why we call them “tooth-colored” fillings rather than “white fillings.” Each person’s tooth is considered “white” but has its own unique shade. By matching the filling to your tooth, you can enjoy a seamless finish.

What Are the Benefits?

Visiting Dr. Jaeckle and our friendly team for a tooth filling offers you a variety of benefits you may not have considered. First, you will stop tooth decay and your cavity in its tracks by removing the bacteria and preventing the damage from expanding. In many cases, you will avoid a root canal treatment and crown – which will save you money – simply by catching the cavity early. In addition, because we use composite and never metal fillings, also called amalgam, you can enjoy the following qualities associated with tooth-colored fillings:

  • They are safe for pregnant women
  • The metal-free resin is safe for individuals allergic to metal
  • Composite does not conduct heat or cold, so you will not experience temperature-related sensitivity
  • The material bonds to your tooth for long-term results
  • Because it matches your tooth, your tooth will not reveal that you have a filling

Am I A Good Candidate?

Do you have a cavity? You may not even realize you have a cavity, which is why visiting us for preventive checkups and cleanings is to your advantage. The sooner we detect a cavity, the faster we can fill it and protect your natural tooth. If you have a cavity that requires filling, you make a wonderful candidate for our tooth-colored fillings. However, if you have a cavity that has progressed to a size too large for a filling, you may require a dental crown. Or, if the decay has reached your tooth’s roots, your tooth may infected, requiring a root canal treatment and dental crown. Dr. Jaeckle and our team will thoroughly examine your teeth. We will offer conservative treatment options to protect the health of your teeth for long-term oral health.