A variety of factors can cause a person to lose a tooth, including trauma or simply poor oral hygiene. Tooth loss affects both the health and appearance of your smile. Without treatment, even a single missing tooth can endanger the stability of your smile. At Patrick M. Jaeckle, DDS, we provide a number of options for replacing missing teeth and returning your smile to full function and health.

The Dangers of A Tooth Loss

We all know that losing one or more teeth hurts the esthetics of your smile, but what about your dental health? Turns out, tooth loss can lead to a number of serious complications, including:

  • Misalignment (which also boosts the risk of decay and periodontal disease)
  • Further tooth loss
  • An older appearance due to loss of jawbone density
  • Difficulty eating or speaking

With such a wide array of serious complications, you should address tooth loss as soon as possible. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Jaeckle to get started on the road towards a whole and healthy smile.

Replacing Missing Teeth

During an examination, Dr. Jaeckle will assess your overall oral health, including the state of your teeth and gums. He will then recommend the most appropriate treatment option for replacing one or more missing teeth. At Patrick M. Jaeckle, DDS, we offer multiple procedures for restoring a smile to optimal health and beauty, such as:

Using our expertise and the latest in advanced dental technology, we will ensure your new dental prosthetics blend seamlessly with your smile, allowing you to eat, speak, and even smile with confidence and ease.

Maintaining Your Smile with Preventive Care

Once you’ve received a replacement for your missing teeth, how do you maintain your new prosthetic? As with natural teeth, your new prosthetic will require routine care and attention. Dr. Jaeckle will provide you with the necessary information for maintaining your bridge or implant. However, maintaining good dental health with preventive dentistry is still the best way to combat tooth loss and maintain the integrity of a dental restoration. You should always brush and floss each day and attend checkups and cleanings once every six months.