What Are Advantages Of Bruxism Appliances?

Many patients may suffer from bruxism without even knowing it. Bruxism, or teeth grinding and clenching, often occurs throughout your sleep cycle. You may wake with a dull headache, sore or tired face and jaw muscles, or sensitive teeth if you’re grinding your teeth throughout the night. Teeth grinding is often caused from an underlying emotional factor or dental problem, so there isn’t necessarily a “cure” for the behavior itself because your dentist will probably want to focus on correcting the issues that are causing you to clench your teeth. In severe cases, you could end up with broken or chipped teeth – ah! But, don’t worry – your dentist has a solution for you.

Bruxism appliances are commonly recommended to help protect your teeth and minimize damage, but that’s not all they can do.

Create A Cushion

These appliances are typically made out of a soft plastic that can “cushion” your teeth to help decrease the pressure you’re putting on them.

Realign Your Jaw

A misaligned jaw can contribute heavily to teeth grinding or clenching. Using a night guard like this can help to gently reposition your jaw while you sleep, decreasing the risk of bruxism while you sleep.

Relieve Pressure

Not only can a bruxism appliance help you to relieve pressure on your teeth, it can also help to relieve any unnecessary pressure on your jaw joint – also known as your temporomandibular joint – which could lead to TMJ disorder without treatment.

Improved Sleep

If you grind your teeth, chances are you don’t sleep very well. It’s not easy to keep up with your quality of life with such little sleep. If this sounds like you, visiting your dentist to discuss bruxism and appliances could end up a much needed, quality night’s sleep.


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